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Maharashtra Fish Curry: 2

If you are a sea food buff become a see food enthusiast even as you cook the local fish curry of Maharashtra. Fish is loved throughout the region and enjoyed in many versatile forms. The tangy and spicy taste and strong flavor offered to the dish are ample to tickle the taste buds as the gravy comes to a gentle simmer. With ingredients that are very easy to find and fish varieties that are found all over the state the Maharashtra fish curry is a common sight at restaurants and home throughout the state. It is a sure shot hit with adults as well as children who taste it for the first time.


•    500 grams or two whole fish/fish fillets,
•    ½ cup coconut milk,
•    2 green chilly (chopped fine),
•    2 garlic flakes (Crushed and finely chopped),
•    2 teaspoons red chili powder,
•    ½ teaspoon turmeric,
•    2 teaspoons garlic paste,
•    2 tablespoons tamarind paste,
•    1 tablespoon oil and
•    salt and water as per preference and taste.


Slice if you choose the whole fish or in case of fillets, wash them well. Place the fillets/slices in a bowl and marinade with the pastes and turmeric, red coriander, and red chili powder, and sprinkle a little salt evenly on all the pieces. Mix in the marinade really well so that each piece is evenly soaked into the spice mix. Set aside the marinated fish fillets or slices for a minimum of half hour. Pour in the oil or any cooking medium in a heavy bottom pan or wok. Heat and add the garlic pods that are crushed and green chilies and sauté for around 5 whole minutes. Next, add the fish filets and just enough water to get thick gravy. Add all the remaining marinade too. Cover the pan and allow the gravy to simmer for around 20 minutes. Thereafter, use coconut milk and once again, bring the curry to a boil. Serve the curry piping hot, garnished with fresh coriander sprigs.

This fish curry variety is commonly eaten across the state with chapattis made from both wheat and rice flour. You can enjoy it with bread too. The rice and fish curry combination is of course popular the world over. Anyway you eat it; the fish curry from Maharashtra is a real flavorful delight. The number of accompaniments that you could experiment with varies from simple salads to vegetable servings and the curry without the fish!

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