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Chakli and Sev Maker

The sev and chakli maker is an important kitchen requirement, at least in the traditional Indian kitchen. The design of this very versatile equipment includes a base container that is open both ends, but narrower at the lower end. There are metal plates with varying hole dimensions that fit into the base before it is shut and sealed by the lid that has an attached handle. The handle of the sev and chakli maker is attached to a ‘press’ that generates the required pressure on the dough within. The designs and mold variations differ, but not the use. Chakli or muruku is a popular Indian snack. Though traditionally fried, it is now even baked. The sev and chakli maker also churns out great sev; an Indian variation of chips or wafers. This is a dry snack that goes well with movie time and alcoholic beverages.
Though many people are now very conscious about the effect of fried foods on health and general well being, the presence of the sev and chakli maker continues to this day. Like many other Indian kitchen must haves, this one too is seen flaunted on display units of homes and restaurants and hotels that promote Indian cuisine. The sev and chakli maker is traditionally made from brass or copper. However, in time, due to the crevices and plates making cleaning cumbersome, the designs are now available in stainless steel too. The sev and chakli maker is also used to make French fries. The plates are now being designed to witness a come back for this versatile design in the modern home. The design can be pulled apart for cleaning. In the case of the gram flour and oil dough for the traditional sev and chakli, the parts are soaked in hot or warm water before being scrubbed clean.
The mold is a heirloom and whether in use or not, it adds to the ambience of the home, especially the kitchen. The material and design add to the durability of the sev and chakli maker. It can be easily stacked when not in use and even if the family has moved on from fried foods, the sev and chakli maker turns out the most amazing alternatives that can be baked. The dough and ingredients are still stuffed and pressed out of the sev maker like in the good old times. The only difference now is that the snacks are baked instead of fried. When fried, the sev and chakli maker is held directly over the hot oil. This prevents any mess or additional use of plates or bowls.

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